Installing lirc on the raspberry pi 4s

Do i need to install the lirc package on the Raspberry Pi 4 before installing the ir receiver.

I can see you are really trying hard to get your IR receiver up and running, but starting multiple threads and blindly copy pasting commands into the terminal without understanding what they are doing is really not the way to go.

Either take the time to read up what the commands do if you want to learn, or if you don’t care and just want music, find a friend to set things up for you!

Multiple threads like this isn’t really the way to go.

I been messing around with the GPIOs, I had to reinstalled Volumio on my Pi 4 SmartiPi Touch 2. Each time i had to reinstall in every time i test a GPIO out.
I did have the IR Receiver module set to gpio22 and the JustBoom remote volume did work but today as i booted up the SmartiPi, the buttons won’t work.
So i had to do that all over and select gpio17 and it works, Just hope it works all time.

The JustBoom IR remote don’t work on all buttons. So in the Volumio profile is there any IR remotes that will work all buttons on it. like Play/next back/select and the rest to control the music from the remote.