Indicate compilation Album

Hi, can someone please give a hint, how I can get a single (coverart) display from respective compilation Album in the album section and not from every single track of the compilation ?!!
Thank You!

In Sources, try changing Sort Artists By to albumartist.

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was already set that way


Various Artists - as the root folder
Eclipsed [Uncut Magazine] - as the album folder
folder.jpg in that album folder with the album cover as the image

Then in your music file tags
Eclipsed [Uncut Magazine] - as the album name
Various Artists - as the album artist
Actual Artist (eg. Lucinda Williams) - as the individual track artist

That’s how I do it and the music and album art display correctly.

Hi Volumator and others,
I’d love a solution to this issue as well. I have a Various Artists Folder in my root Music directory with each album in it tagged as per attached and still see each as indivigual, one track albums in the Volumio Album view. I have “albumartist” selected as sorting criteria also.