Improve Sound Quality by Switching Off Function Features

I use Volumio v3 on a Raspberry Pi 2 with an Allo Shanti power supply for maximum audio performance. I am very happy and have used it (in earlier versions) since many years. My music files are on a Synology and the Raspberry gets this music files via WiFi. I only do little streaming so we neglect this.

I am wondering if I can further improve the sound quality of the Raspberry + Volumio by switching off functions in Volumio which I do not need. There is a person who states this in this forum in a sound quality tweaks post. Do you have any experiences in this? I could for example switch off the functions Multiroom Playback, CD Playback and Ripping and Tidal Connect. Would this make any difference to the sound quality?

Thanks in advance

That’s a really interesting question. In my hifi system, I’ve gone for simplicity wherever possible: a manual turntable, a fully analogue amp with no tone controls and non-powered speakers. The only exception is my Volumio system. I do disable as many features as I can that I don’t use in the Sources settings. Whether that improves things, I don’t know, but I feel that simplicity is probably best.


I’ve not used it myself (since I have a Primo), but there is this plugin - not maybe switch of functions, but how they should be prioritised.

Great - thanks for the hint. I tinkered around with the plugin and values which are suggested by the app’s creator in a separate thread. But I could not here a difference. May be this is because I only have a Raspberry P2 with 1GB. Thanks nevertheless and happy listening