Ideal myvolumio set up for qobuz hires

Looking to set up myvolumio to play and download hires from qobuz.
I’m a beginner here so apologies for some probably obvious queries.
The aim is to WiFi stream quobuz vi myvolumio cloud. Have disk to download any purchased content and output to a Cambridge Audio DAC magic 100 (and then into my amp)
Looking for a prebuilt system.
One option looks like An allo Digione player plus an external 1tb hard drive…such as a SEAGATE Expansion Portable Hard Drive - 1 TB.
Does the Digione come preflashed with my volumio? Or would I have to reflash the SD drive? Can this kind of thing support an external drive? What about WiFi? Would I have to by a USB to WiFi dongle?
Or maybe I should be looking at a Volumio mini 86 …similar query about reflashing myvolumio.
Or maybe some other set up?
Any suggestions gratefully received!
Thanks, in advance.

Digioneplayer plus bubbleupnp android app plus mpdroid… sounds great :slight_smile: