How to turn off power save mode

Hello everyone,
I’m Ralf from germany and my english isn’t the best, but I try to understand. My Volumio is running on Pi 3 with the HiFiberry DAC Pro+ and the official 7 inch Touch-Display. I use the latest version 2.452 and … it works !! :slight_smile:

But after a few minutes the display is dark (I think it’s a power save mode). How can I turn off the power save mode? I searched the forum and if I overlooked any answer about this problem, I apologize.
I’m a Newby in Raspbian, Linux and all these things but since here I’ve been proud to get Volumio work - and now I need your help.

I have to say thanx and I hope we’ll find a way for my problem.

Greetings, Ralf

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Enable SSH (, then access Volumio via SSH. If you are using Windows you will probably have to install an SSH client like PuTTY.

After logging in via SSH edit the file as decribed here:

P.S. I did not try that solution myself.

Thank you, gvolt

The xset-command is what I found on the net, but I didn’t find where I have to use it.
It’s the !! But it’s not alright. The right commands are :
$ xset s off
$ xset -dpms
$ xset s noblank

You have to quote off the command xset dpms 0 0 120 and it works !!

Thanks for bringing me on the right way !!
Best regards

Good to know! Thanks a lot for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Just tested

xset +dpms xset s off xset dpms 0 0 0
and it (also) works. This might not disable power saving (at least “xset +dpms” enables the DPMS (Energy Star) features) but leaves the screen on which has been the primary goal :slight_smile: