How to make Volumio and Rpi standalone?

Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and I would like to ask a question about volumio. The only way to have a standalone system with an lcd monitor is to install a desktop environment and configure our browser to start up automatically every time we turn on the machine? Is there a special plugin that allow us to do this easier?

Yes, the touchscreen plugin :wink:

So all I have to do in order to make the screen display the Volumio UI is to install this plugin??

I am also interested in this, if I can also attach a mouse / keyboard to the rasberry pi running volumio.
Sometimes it’s really good to direct your volumio from a smarphone, but there are cases where the old standalone setup is still the best…
I my case, I have a spare lcd HDMI screen from an old computer (19 inches, 4:3 format).
In terms of viewing my music library, it means a lot less scrolling, because of the large space available on the screen (I’m assuming the GUI stays more or less the same even without the support of the web browser on the separate device… am I right?).
I am also assuming that direct input via usb-connected mouse/keyboard will make volumio more responsive than touchscreen-based commands sent over the local wifi network via a router.