How to Access internal SD storage for loading songs

What is the max sd card size Rpi 3 or 4 is supporting?

Anybody, experiences of Rpi sd card storage on Volumio?

There is no limitation, as long as you don’t format it as FAT32.
I expect the limit is you cashflow. You’re way better of using a small class 10 SD-Card and a USB drive.

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@Wheaten is wise, be like Wheaten :wink:

I’m curious as to why this is preferable to internally partitioned memory??

What will happen if you have to re-image the card with Volumio?
Whoops, there goes your music collection.

The SD running Volumio can be corrupted easily, Power hiccups/failures, inappropriate shutdown, causing the image to break. When you need to recover, you need to flash the SD again, and you loose everything.

Is funny you should mention corrupt sd cards, I’m just dealing with one now (on tinkerboard) so yes, point taken.

How about from performance though, if data is on internal is there any difference? (I did a little research and looks like usb3.0 is probably a lot faster than any sd card so that’s likely another win)

yes, loading will be a bit smoother and more stable.