How long does it take for volumio to update subscription?

Okay, so I have updated my subscription with Tidal, because they are so choosy about the bank account used to pay with it has fallen back. Try to play some music through Volumio and I get “user does not have a valid session”. This is becoming so painful as I have limited time for my listening sessions and this is causing to miss out on them, not to mention the numerous sessions that I have missed out in the passed. I am really hoping that you will get your act together before I attempt to show a couple of people that I know to start using Volumio, at this point in time I will definately not, and I am getting to a point of using another system! PLEASE get it together. And I will take a bet that my original issue has not been resolved or been explained as to the problems with it, the flocks are dying here!

BTW Tidal streams to my pc as as I am typing this!

Thank you for destroying yet another listening session that I could have enjoyed!!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

IMHO this is the issue: you’re playing TIDAL both on your PC and on Volumio, and you’re allowed to use TIDAL only on only one thing at the time.
Close the TIDAL app on the PC and just play it on Volumio, and it will work.

Let us know, better if in more polite terms

Okay, I have to apologize for my impoliteness. It really is so frustrating when time limitations are in play especially when it comes to music listening sessions and the system does not work properly, I hope that you will understand.
Logging out of Tidal and in again is what did the trick. Thank you for the response by the way.
It will be absolutely fabulous if you can rectify the problem about the time log resetting to zero when the volume is changed through Volumio on the playback page. This is an issue that I raised in December if I am not mistaken, and still there does not seem to be any mention of even looking into the problem or resolving the issue, am I the only one experiencing this problem?

I do understand your frustration, and appreciate you understood mine.

The issue about time resetting to zero is not ignored: it’s simply quite hard to solve (but we’re working since december to fix it).

Hope you’ll have more enjoyable listening sessions!

:smiley: Good to know that the issue is being addressed. Thank you for the time and effort in providing us with a system that appears and sounds like it’s getting better. :wink: