How can I map a subfolder on my NAS as music source?

How can I map a subfolder on my NAS as music source.

When I try to map a new drive Volumio 3 finds my NAS and suggests the folder „Multimedia“.

It works but the whole content in this folder is listed now however I want just to get the content of my „music“ folder which is a subfolder of „Multimedia“.

Currently I see [\\Multimedia] as activated path.

Alias: Multimedia


Path: Multimedia

Protocol: cifs

I have tried some combinations with a slash or a backslash to add my music subfolder „music“ to the path without success.

From all other devices in my system I have access tot he „music“ subfolder.

Has someone a clue which information and/or slashes and backslashes I have to enter in which field?

click Burger menu ( top left )
click “Sources
click “Add New Drive

Ignore the auto detection and fill it out manually.
click “Show Advanced Options

From the info you gave above you should fill it in like this.

When done click “Save

Thank you very much für your help!
It works!!!