Hifiberry disappears from my wifi network regularly

I have two Raspberry Pies. About once in the three weeks they disappear from my wifi network totally. (Not at the same moment of course!) A restart doesn’t help. The only option that helps for me is a fresh install of Volumio with Balena Etcher. And sometimes I buy a new mini SD card. Is this a known problem and are there some other solutions for this problem?

Hifiberry 3 Dac Plus

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i know that wifi is sometimes switched off in older versions after reboot don’t know if this is the question. if balena ether is the problem try to burn it with win32 disk imager.

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Yes, my Hifiberries are 4-5 years old. Balena Etcher works fine on my iMac. So will it be time for a replacement do you think?

i know that the 3.x version needs a other burning way than the 2.x version.
i know that there is a bug that after a reboot switches wifi off, i have to switch it on again.
but i’m not running de latest version so i don’t know if it’s still there.
and about the pi’s are bugging of age it could be, losing connection is not really a sign of it.
and at the momment it’s hard to get new ones and if you can get them they are over priced.

I experience random connectivity issues with Volumio 3.378 which I am running on a brand new Rpi4. I have seen two issues:

  1. Volumio disappearing from Tidal Connect on my android phone, only to reappear after waiting around 5 minutes
  2. Completely unable to connect to Volumio over wifi, despite my Netgear router showing that it is connected. Rpi4 will not respond to pings and I cannot ssh into it. Only solution for this one is to power cycle the Rpi4
    These failures are extremely random, with Volumio sometimes running for a few days before it happens. I have reported the issues to tech support but no one has picked up my ticket yet.
    I have heard that Volumio are aware of Tidal Connect issues which they are working with Tidal to resolve, however I don’t see how my issue with my Rpi4 being totally unresponsive over wifi is necessarily a Tidal Connect issue
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I’ve not experienced this with Pi’s - generally fairly stable for me.

Are you sure it’s not your router?

Do you have fixed IP addresses or leased addresses? e.g are they now on a different IP address? Either your router or nmap will give you their details.

Does this happen only with wi-fi or does it happen to a wired Pi?

Does it happen to any other Pi’s with different software e.g. one running Raspbian as a desktop?

Does it happen anywhere in your home or just certain places (possible radio interference)?

Just some thoughts.