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New to Volumio, and loving it so far! Have a Digione RPi transport and the combination is pretty stunning, musically.

Having some problems with plugins, especially for Youtube. It loaded just fine, enabled my device through Google, but can’t seem to get it going? As soon as I enable it I get a red browser error tag. I got it woking for just one tune after deleting it and reinstalling, but then right back to that error tag and not working just after.

Would really like to have a Youtube option as I really don’t want to have to pay for Spotify at this point.

Our network seems to be working just fine and cannot see this as any type of bandwidth issue but who knows…

Can anyone give me some possible causes and solutions? Has anyone else encountered this?

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I have seen a couple of recent posts on Gitter/forum about people having Youtube problems. There is an official Youtube plugin thread, which presumably the author is monitoring. It might be a good idea to raise the problem there.

The YouTube plugin is victim of his success. Given its large adoption we’re hitting the API limits of free YouTube API usage…
We’re working to find an alternate solution