Help with Last FM Plugin


Last FM is not working for me.

I have put all the credentials, and it just don’t want to scrobble. If somebody maybe knows why and can help me out…

Downloaded the plugin directly in Volumio.

I have Raspberry Pi 3 and HiFi Berry Digi Pro.


Check with the plugin author if no replies on here.

Have you tried a reboot? I remember having a similar issue and then did a reboot and everything started to work properly with scrolling visible in real time on

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No, I think you need to pull the latest version from GitHub. My new version is pending approval by Volumio, there was a GUI bug, so the credentials weren’t saved properly.

Hi and thanks for trying to help, but it started working when i pressed ON on the option: Store the password in the config file, even though it clearly says to not to do that. For me that is not important.
If anybody has the same problem, try it like that.