Has anybody installed the Audiophile grade ultra-low phase noise Streamer Transport KITs from IANCanada?

I just installed the Iancanada dyi streamer. How do I know if a dac is i2s compatible? Apparently my topping e 50 is not.

If a external DAC is compatible you can see it in the manual or on the back of the DAC. i2c for an external DAC mostly goes over HDMI.

thx The Iancanada streamer i bot sends it over coax output

actually and hdmi

I can recognize an Amanero in this setup, the only true competitor for XMOS USB bridges

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What i2s setting do you use for Transport?

For me mode5 is right seting for my Musician Draco

hifi digi pro+

Allo Digione driver works with IAN CANADA TRANSPORTPI DIGI

As of three weeks ago, Ian Canada does not respond to emails. Is anybody else having the same issue?

I’ve successfully installed and configured Volumio3 on my IAN CANADA TRANSPORTPI DIGI with Isolator Pi and also the PuePI II…I really recommend IsolatorPI II…adds more depth to the music and lets the bass sides groove a little more on Fever by Valerie Joyce.
The next thing I’ll try is adding a UcConditioner MkII/Pro 3.3V.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you. By the way I just texted with Ian and upgraded parts of my streamer.