Has anybody installed the Audiophile grade ultra-low phase noise Streamer Transport KITs from IANCanada?

for aprox $230 is is a dramatic improvement over the base raspi 4 install?
Audiophile grade ultra-low phase noise Streamer Transport KITs at Low – IanCanada

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suscribe to the tread, I didn’t know the brand.

I don’t use that combination but I do use the.

Pure pi Ultra capacitor 3,3/5 Volt.
Isolator II.
FIFO pi Ma

I have
Isloator pi II
TransportPi Digi
with Allo usbridge and Allo Shanti
I use HDMI i2s out to my Musician Draco DAC, for me i2s better than usb and others i/o.

was it a dramatic improvement over the base raspi 4?

Elamar what do you mean “base raspi” 4?, USB out from rpi4 ?

Very happy with mine. May upgrade the clocks when I have the funds.
Volumio / Moode (all FLAC) via Synology DiskStation - Pi4 8GB - Power Filtration Purification Board - IanCanada TransportPi Digi - SMSL C100 DAC - DrAmp Tripath pre amp - Dynavox TPR-3 Valve pre amp - Aiyima A07 power amp - Q ACOUSTICS 2020i Bookshelf Speakers

yes to both


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For me, transport pi digi is better than rpi4 usb out (via I2s). It also depends on the power supply, for me Allo Shanti is better than PurePi. Through the PurePi, the sound is drier, less body. I prefer a juicier, fuller sound. In transport digi I use an ACCUSILICON AS318-B clock.

I’m running conrad johnson amp and pre with mcintosh xrt20 speakers. By definition I have a warm sounding system. I also run a base rpi4 with usb and volumio and a toppin d50 dac. I’m looking for finesse and detail together with a broader soundstage. So I struggle with a better streamer and/or a better dac and best value way to get there given improvement in sound. Thanks .

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ian canada stuff sounds great.
Coincidentally, today I used a power supply from an old Marantz CD player for the DAC.

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Darn i would like to dig into the old stuff, you just have lying around…

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That’s what happens when you have to build a streamer for someone every now and then… there are always parts left over.

I had a D50 DAC, not a particularly good DAC. Technically good, but not very entertaining. I think you need a better DAC to begin with.

any recommendations given my equipment?

I run an Ian Canada stack with…

Pure pi Ultra capacitor 3,3/5 Volt. (version 1)
FIFO pi Q7
Transport Pi AES

Plus upgraded clocks to Accusilicon.

From my previous setup (an Rpi with a HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro SPIDIF output), the IC stack is an amazing improvement (the HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro was already a big improvement over other Pi HATs).
There was an ‘in your face’ improvement in all 'round clarity and staging.

However, both before and after my clock upgrade, I experienced clocking issues.
I believe the problem is with my SMSL M500 DAC.
In order to maximise the improved IC clocking (reduce jitter) the DPLL setting on the SMSL DAC needs to be set to a minimum value (for the DAC to maximise synching to the IC stack). However doing that results in skipping every 20 secs or so, depending on source streaming rate (eg, 44/16 or 96/24, etc).
This skipping problem can be resolved by setting the DAC’s DPLL value higher (so less synching to the IC stack and more to the DAC’s clock). However while this helps the ‘skipping’, it introduces ‘crackling’ on the start of new tracks where the source resolution changes.
I can stop/start the track to remove the crackling (presumably giving the DAC another bite at synching) so it is ‘manageable’.

In any case, the audio from the IC stack is amazing… I just need to upgrade my DAC.
I’m looking at Ian Canada’s new DAC for that, however it seems to also require 2 5-volt power supplies.

Also Version 1 of the PurePi does not charge the batteries whilst it is ‘on’ (in use), whereas the Version 2 does.

Thx for your response. Hopefully I wont run into the same problem with my Topping e50 dac

Sort of.
And yes using Ian Canada stuff in combination with a TDA1541A DAC it sounds excellent.

Hi everyone, I’m looking for suggestions for my custom volumio build since I’m not an expert on HiFi power boards.

Currently I have following hardware:

I was looking to something like following (220v/25w):
LM317/LM337 Transformer Output Adjustable Voltage Stabilizing Circuit Board Kit Diy Can Install Talema Sealed Ring Transformer - AliExpress

Any thought/suggestions feedbacks on this?

Thanks in advance!