GPIO Pins to control volume

Is it possible to turn off and on again using the button without removing power?

I was under the impression that you could use GPIO 13 to the SW of the encoder and via the plugin for the rotary encoder using the drop down activate the SW so that it would do something? I have had no success with that, good luck and hope you have success. I have been able to control the volume but nothing else happens

Is this still working? want to add a rotary encoder to my project for volume control.

Is the plugin on volumio app is working?

GPIO_buttons plugin works like a charm, I am using it daily

On a Raspberry Pi 4 that i have, i been looking for buying some GPIO wire to do some customizing. What is a good wire gauge to get to use.

24 awg stranded is easy to work with and rugged enough for hobbyists.

Hi buckler I’m new to adding some button and rotary knob for rpi 3b+ /4b
I just want to learn and explore how can i add those button and knob.
1st question, is it necessary to add resistor like 10k ohms/resistor to the GND wire from pi gpio and button?
2nd,can i use some rotary knob from local online shop like this? And do some execution as you posted?
Lastly, for shutdown button or open button i want to use momentary push button with led light like in the picture below,

Can you provide me the diagram and wiring thank you so much,

For a rotary encoder use this one.
Myself I’ll use rotary encoder type KY-40.

Please look at my last posting on the topic that michel8166 posted, ther eis a drawing with GPIO pins.
Normally a prefab. rotary encoder has the resistors soldered on the PCB.
You do need them to avoid floating pins.

Hi Wheaten! I manage now to use rotary encoder ky-040 for volume - volume+, however, i can’t manage to function the press button on rotary encoder. I just want to use rotary press for stop/play using short press, long pressed for system shutdown and double pressed for reboot system.
I am using rpi 3b+ with volumio version 3.631, with attached these ff;
-rotary encoder ky-040
-16x2 lcd i2c
-buttons for functions.
I use version 3.631 coz i manage to install this 16x2 lcs i2c coz latest version didn’t work out.

Unfortunately, my case with rotary encoder has moved to the bin. If I recall correctly it depends to which GPIO you put the button press. Not sure if you’re sending 3.3V to the GPIO or gnd?

I’m good now wheaten! I add and solder 10k resistor on “R1” now it’s working.

Hi wheaten! Mind me to ask you again? I don’t know which thread should i post this, but i just want to know if there’s a way to know which pin/gpio are not used by suptronics x920 dac, coz i just want attach some wires from lcd1602, buttons and rotary encoder.

Euh google???
X920 - Geekworm Wiki.
Not sure if it’s exact the same, but the screenshot sows Suptronics.

Should i only use to wire that particular pinout? No wiring for 3.3v or even 5v from pi gpio to dac pin?

not sure if I understand your question.
Your DAC needs to be powered, just avoid the pins mentioned.

Very difficult to say, are you able to connect with the manufacturer or geekworm, as it seems they took over the design?

I mean do i need to add wire from pi gpion(3.3v or 5v) to dac hat? Or just only gpio 19,18,21 and GND?

I would put the hat straight on the rPi and order a GPIO extender for your rotary encoder.
Don’t start hassling with wires to your DAC.

Something like this:

Thanks wheaten!