GPIO Buttons plugin issue

Hi everyone,

I have installed the GPIO Buttons official Volumio plugin on a Pi2 and connected some momentary push buttons to some GPIO pins. Everything is working fine except Volume UP key that works sometimes. I can only increase the volume from 2-3 steps (when it works) and then not responding anymore. Everything else is working fine with a fast enough reactivity. I am using an Hifiberry DAC + Pro. According to Hifiberry warnings, I avoied to used GPIO no. 2-3-16-18-19-20 and 21. So here is my keys mapping.

Play/Pause GPIO 9
Vol. + GPIO 17
Vol. - GPIO 11
Next GPIO 12
Previous GPIO 13
Shutdown GPIO 23

All keys common connected to 3.3Volts supply through a 1k resistor to avoid aby damage in case of accidental short.

Any idea?

I think this issue is due to a bug in the volume controller itself… We’re fixing it and releasing a new update soon…

I just ran into the same issue on exactly the same set up.
I added a LED to make sure I had the buttons I had were working, as this is my first time ever playing with wire.

Is there any way to role back to old working version of this plug in.
Is there anyway to keep upto date when the plug in gets updated, I noticed there was a github project for this
I am a C# .Net guy but willing to help