FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!

Hi everyone, I run Volumio and I’m learning CamillaDSP.
I would like to make and adjust Volume and Loudness according to my terms.
That doesn’t work out at all. Everything works, but just switch the radio station and the volume jumps to 100% = 0dB. /Lib/systemd/system/camilladsp.service does not work either
Was not found. Is there any way for the DSP to remember the volume?
Thank you very much for your feedback.

Sorry, no support for CamillaDsp here. This for the plugin FusionDsp, that use CamillaDsp though… With no need for manual tweaks…

I’m sorry, but I’m using FusionDSP.
CamillaDSP is included, I wanted to use the Loudness feature.
I already know everything, only I can’t do Loudness …
I know that the Loudness control is in PEQ, but it is not possible to set the parameters of the curve here.
Thanks for any idea, good luck.

Why don’t you want to use the loudness provide in the plugin? It is a complex loudness, near equal loudness curve, adjusted with volume level.
But if you want to use CamillaDsp GUI, no problems. But as I said, I can’t support this part . Maybe on CamillaDsp forum?

Yes, you’re right, the Loudness provided by the plugin is the best I’ve seen, also because it’s possible to start the effect by looking at the volume of the whole system. It just can’t be configured. The gain at the top of the band is (according to my ears and my taste - maybe it’s right, I don’t know) very big. There is some way to get the files in a folder
Configure “VoBAFfilters” to avoid such a large gain from 1000 Hz upwards.
Otherwise, I don’t need any further corrections, so I don’t need to experiment with CamillaDSP. Your things work reliably and are clear, really good work.
Thank you and good luck.

Update on the FusionDSP release:

  • After the addition of the 2 components for Volumio AAMMP, we noticed a regression in multiroom
  • We are looking to fix this problem before making the new release

So, what is left to have Fusion DSP available for everyone is:

  • Fix the AAMMP issue
  • Complete the plugin review

I think we are really close :wink:


Thanks for your feedback.
I may adjust level for high band. Or maybe later add the possibility of settings for loudness…
Enjoy your listening :wink:

It would be super. Add a function that allows individual adjustment of the high band gain.
The plugin would move to a new level.
I look forward to.
P.S. I have already adjusted the WOL ability according to the knowledge from the participant of this forum!

This won’t install on my version of volumio 3. It throws the following error:

An error occurred while installing the plugin Plugin failed the dependency check Volumio version 3.233.0 not usable with plugin. The plugin cannot be installed on this version of Volumio.


Yes. If you read above you’ll see you need Volumio>=3.236

I followed the instructions and everything is working fine with preset Target Curves. I didn’t really like the results so I looked up a different target curve: the Harman House curve. When I try to use this I get the following after a minute

The curve is as follows:
16 10.23
20 9.38
25 11
31.5 9.5
40 10.5
50 9.43
63 7.5
80 5.33
100 4.58
125 3.33
160 2.6
200 2.5
250 2.03
315 1.75
400 1.68
500 1.68
630 1.33
800 1.67
1000 1.33
1250 1.25
1600 1.38
2000 1.53
2500 1.2
3150 1.2
4000 0.88
5000 0.13
6300 0
8000 -0.13
10000 -1.25
12500 -1.5
16000 -1.88
20000 -4.78

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Check if there is no empty line at the end of the file.

There was! But now it has no empty lines and still the same error unfortunately

No more characters at the end of each line?
Add 0 first line as in other file
And last at 22050

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First of all congratulations to Balbuze and Volumio team for this awesome tool (remembers my ex-DSP/EQ - Behringer DEQ2496 but much more powerfull) :slight_smile:

I have two questions. I was testing CamillaDSP tool and:
1 - Each time I change track, I have to “Apply to DSP” in menu to apply the DSP effect.
2 - Maybe I’m not seeing right but, for instance, in a Bandpass filter one can adjust: frequency and Q (or bandwith), but NO gain… Where can one adjust the gain for each filter (lowpass, bandpass, etc.)

Here are some prints from my “test” CamillaDSP config:


Thanks again for this magnificient work!

Update: If the track changes by itself (that is, one music ends and other starts automatically) the filter stays active, no need to “Apply to DSP” again.


  • A notch filter only remove the freq selected, so need to attenuate…
    Why don’t you simply use filter in FusionDsp instead of using CamillaGui?
    And in FusionDsp everything is set automatically. No need to set gain…

Yes, I used notch because of that (to test), since I couldn’t get gain in a Bandpass filter… I believed it was more flexible than filters, but I will try filters in FusionDSP.

what do you want equalize? It is not common to use Notch. Peaking is much more use, with gain setting for each filter…

Yes, that I know it’s used mainly for live feedback control (and usually auto adjustable).
It was only to try CamillaDSP GUI and how it worked.

For now I need a bandpass filter of F=48.5, Gain = -6dB and a Q of 6 to try to tame my main room mode :slight_smile: (and the only one really annoying).