For Sale: Dell Wyse 3040 x86 Thin Clients with pre-installed Volumio for 50€!

I don’t quite see the relevance with Volumio and the Volumio 3 streamer discussed here :wink:
So please don’t go too far off-topic.

Received them and have time to, almost, setup one of them and it works flawlessly, the speed in the GUI it’s similar to my raspberry pi3b+, but the sound is better even though I’m using the jack, my twins confirmed this point…

As gkkpch said, this low cost old thin clients have a lot to do yet, now looking for a wyse 5070 to substitute my home assistant server which runs in a rk3328…

And don’t forget how well packed came and, even with printed instructions. Thanks gkkpch

Edited to add that I was able to backup my settings from the RaspberryPi and restore them in Wyse using the plugin BACKUP/RESTORE in the wyse I had to install it manually.


With the Wyse (x86) you also get kernel version 5.10.95 with support for a bunch of AC1200/1300 WiFi drivers which you won’t get anymore with the RPi’s for a while to come.

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What is the general consensus with the audio jack on these? I would probably connect this to an small amp e.g. Aiyima A07 and power some small bookshelf speakers - I know with a RPI you absolutely should get an USB or Audio HAT- but I know some PC’s have reasonable headphone Jacks. So is a USB DAC absolutely required - for driving a music in a small home office type setup?

In my opinion audio jack output is fine for a simple office setup.
I use one in the cellar connected an SMSL SA-50 and a 25-year old pair of Bowers & Wilkins CDM1, I find the SQ reasonable, same with headphones.
A USB DAC would be necessary when Hi-Res is a prerequisite.

More opinions?

Let me say, for in an office streaming some back ground music, the audio jack will do. As Gé already mentioned, Don’t do Hi-res and your good. It for sure beats the rPi audio jack.

Several people asked for more info on the hardware.
I added a “Tinkering” tip link to the Opening Post, which points to interesting re-purposing Wyse 3040 info and Thin Clients in general.

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An electronic copy of the notes I sent with the devices can now be downloaded from the Opening Post.

It has been a pleasant surprise this note. Thanks

Above says like new. Is it really like that? What is the condition of the case?


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Kann ich noch einen bekommen?

You have a PM

Hi, ich möchte auch einen :grinning:


Bitte PM

Unfortunately, I’m sold out (again).
No confirmation yet whether I can get another 10 from this excellent, near new, supply of units.
I should know more by the middle of next week.

Hello everyone.

It was just three weeks ago I read about the “bundle” of Gé / @gkkpch: a small, pre-owned, thin-client equipped with Volumio 3. And yesterday I’m done verifying and setting up a bunch of Wyse 3040 I got from him, with two shipping. Of these units, one is for me, the other ones for some friends of mine.

All the units I received are just perfect: no scratch, no stain, no dust and so are the power suppliers. The packages were safely assembled and Volumio 3 was correctly pre-installed.
The Wyse 3040 is a very cute, small, all square, mini-pc. Including the feet, is 3x10x10 cm (HxWxD). It just fit into your hand. Its appearence is of a robust, high industrialized and optimized product.

Being the only, between my friends, to know someting (just a little) about Volumio (I own a Pi3, running Volumio 2, and a Pi4, running Volumio 3) I was in charge of buying, QC and customize each of the unit for the final owner.
TBH, nothing I really had to do other than choosing the italian language of the UI, the correct DAC to play with and correctly inputing the net share as music source.

Ah, well, beside that, I had to check compatibility with the accessories we need:

  • wifi dongle
  • display port to hdmi adapter
  • remote

You’ll find details about these pieces of hardware on the end of this report.

About the remote
After experimenting remotes with diodes you need to connect to the bus, I found a simpler solution with the “Air Mouse” types. A remote like that provides out-of-box, plug&play, functions of play/stop & track skip togheter volume control for Rasperry. With a Wsye 3040, you can enjoy a safe ON/OFF functions, too, with just a simple bios setting. More again, since the air mouse communicates with the unit wirelessly via its own USB dongle, you can drive the unit through the wall of another room. This is the perfect solution for me, since I have to hide my wyse, the dac and the amplifier, inside a furniture of my living room.

Generally speaking, compared to my Pi4 4GB, I have to report a (little) faster execution of Wyse, but on top of that I’m happy I’m done hassling with the goddam Pi4’s fan (I had to change 3 different cases, to stop listening to its wizzzzz). But be aware, even the Wyse produces (just a little) of heat, so I think it’s better to leave with some room all around it.

And, btw, I compared the boot time of my Pi4 vs my Wyse. Strange enough, wyse was a bit faster: pi4 was 1’30’’ / 1’40’’, wyse 1’10’’ / 1’20’’, both to show the Volumio 3 screen on the connected TV.

Complainings? just a couple, minor ones. First, the on/off button has a very dimmed light and it is placed on top, so you can’t tell if the unit is on, looking at it’s front. Then, its a pity not having the WIFI on-bord. Not because of the ridicoulus cost of the dongle, but just because you have to waste a precious USB port, out of four. Well, nothing that could stopping me buying it again if I should need more.

Ok, no more useful to say, but to thanks Gé, with all of my heart, because of the great opportunity he gave me and my friends to get a great working and real affordable product and for the expertise and patience he helped me via PM on some hassles I had because of my clumsyness.

It’s a real pity that Gé is not able to supply on regular basis more of these little appliances. They could be a great starting point for new Volumio users, as long as an arrival point for experienced ones.


Here is the list of “certified” add-ons accessories, the ones that Gé, my friends and me, had chance to test on our Wyse 3040s:

Thanks for this great overview.
I used a UGREEN display adapter and works great.
For using the remote control do I need to install some adapter on wise side?

Other than inserting the dongle supplied with the remote, into a USB port, nothing at all. No bios config, no drive, no OS script or setup-up. An Air Mouse is just a mouse with multimedia buttons on it. After a while of use, I can, now, navigate the Volumio UI from my armchair, just looking at the TV set.
It needs some exercise, since you have to learn to rotate just the wrist, not move the arm.

Thanks a lot. Make sense now. I thought that the remote comes without USB dongle :slight_smile: