Fleeing from Roon price increases..some basic questions

OK thanks

…albums by Radiohead was just an example. I was more thinking of organising eg : Contemporary Electronica or Early Baroque? I know I can make a Playlist like this but that has the problem I mentioned of just a huge list of tracks not albums. Is there a way to organise content on an album level by chosen criteria in Volumio?


I think you should spend some time on the interface, as currently you’re asking simple interface question.
Look at genres…

OK apologies…will do :slight_smile:

Even if i go via genres, i get albums. So if you only get single tracks, I think your tags are not correct for album artists.

Mmm I’m none the wiser: Genres is a predefined list so I cannot for example collect my Baroque albums together. But at the moment I cannot see how to edit and add to genres.
Is there a user full manual for Volumio?

Genre is not a predefined list, it’s taken from the ID3 tags. So if your ID3 tags are proper filled, like in your case Baroque, you can select Baroque from the genre list and all albums with that tag will be shown.

Thanks Wheaten, I understand now. Is there anywhere all of this is written down so I don’t have to keep asking dumb questions to you?
Another: how do my Qobuz albums get put in to the Genre catagories?

try google and Volumio Documentation

Not possible. genre/artist/album is for local library. If you search in the main screen on Artist it will also display Qobuz/Spotify content.

Volumio also has some tutorials on their blog.


One of those specifically goes in to how to organise and set up your music library

Thanks guys…

I guess I was hoping to not be opening a metadata app but I’ll see how it goes…

Sorry to jump in here: I have a question about the search function: when I search for a title are results from the local library and Qobuz shown together?

if you search from the homepage, yes: