Fleeing from Roon price increases..some basic questions

Hi there,
So Roon are intent on fleecing their customers as much as possible and I’ve had enough!

If I subscribe to Volumio and install it on my Raspberry Pi will it have the feature of being able to be “headless” i.e I can quit my browser or turn off the iPad remote and the music will continue playing? i.e it’s running on the Pi not my laptop?
Then… I can open the browser or iPad later and they will update and I can easily reconnect them and the playback position gets updated?
Can Volumio do that? If yes I’m subscribing to the full version!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure Volumio can do that.


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The whole intention of Volumio is being a headless device/
You can quit your browser or app and music continuous to play.
You can reopen and select a new album or what ever you want.
There is a free trail, so give it a go.

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Yes, that’s great to hear.
I will give the trial a spin this evening.

Oui oui et oui. Et même avec un autre PC ou smartphone que le tien.
Plaisirs d’écouter

For those who don’t speak French:

Yes, yes and yes. And even with another PC or smartphone than yours.
Pleasures of listening


Another basic question before I begin the demo…can I combine different types of endpoints…Airport, DNLA, built in computer etc? in to a Group?

Don’t understand your question.

Well I have my RPi with a USB DAC on it and then I have an Airport loudspeaker…can I group them?

No, not possible to sync playback between different kind of enpoints

Ah Ok, that’s the same as Roon then. Thanks

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Because that’s technically, if not impossible, very very very hard to get it right and consistent

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So if I have the Volumio OS on my RPi and that same RPi has a USB DAC… then I can only group other RPi’s with Volumio on them in the same group…is that correct?

Or if I want to use AirPlay can I run Volumio as an OS only i.e Server and use multiple Airplay devices in a group?

Thanks btw

yes, with premium features you can group up to 6 volumio devices to play the same audio content (1 master, up to 5 slaves)

You can use Airplay to one Volumio master device, and play the very same music content on several slave Volumio devices (up to 5)

Besides that, Raspberry Pi is not the only platform where you can run Volumio, it works fine also on a PC/laptop/netbook with an Intel or AMD 64-bit processor, it works fine on the ASUS ThinkerBoard too

OK got it, thanks!

OK I’m trialling it…it’s good!

The only thing I’m missing is the ability to do any editing of albums…in particular making albums that are showing as two individual albums in to the double album they actually are. It’s not a huge issue anyhow.
Also Playlists don’t seem to work on an Album level when I add to them from my local NAS but do work on an album level when adding to them from Qobuz…it means the Playlists are not really useable as I have a mix of tracks and albums.
But overall I’m liking it. :+1:

For tagging you’ll need to find a different program, this is not embedded into Volumio. (like: mp3tag/Jriver/Mediamonkey/…)

Adding albums from your NAS to your playlist can be done like this:

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Unfortunately the adding to the Playlist like this is the problem: it’s not at an Album playlist it’s tracks. Which is normally how Playlists operate I know.
However, how do I organise Volumio so that I can say, group all my Radiohead albums together -as Albums, not a long list of constituent tracks in each album?

Search (or navigate) for the artist?

Indeed, thanks @vmiguel .

If you go via artist, you get all albums belonging to that album artist. Make sure to set the following in Sources:

the result will be like: