FLAC radio plugin - Mother Earth Radio

Hello all,
i run the free FLAC 96kHz/24bit icecast radio station Mother Earth Radio.
My stream unfortunately is not useable in applications based on music player daemon mpd. I understand that is why Volumio too wont play more than one song without stopping the stream at track end.

Writing a plugin myself would require me to learn the language (java script?) and is a bit over my head.
So i am asking for volunteers :smile: or any help

The task looks simple:
Grab a icecast flac stream and do something clever with it so it does not stop when there is no “end-of-file” but the next track.
I could provide an extra metadata output out of the broadcaster liquidsoap; json i.e.
(the metadata inside the stream seems to be mpd’s troublemaker)

Does that sound do-able?
Thank you for reading and for any ideas, thoughts, or help; the usual virtual beer and my gratitude would be yours.


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free FLAC radio station guys, help please!

would be nice if this stream becomes available in volumio.

@flow, maybe radio paradise is the solution for you, is also flac (16 bit) at least if you don’t know it yet.

Very good idea. Some considerations, JB Radio 2 Flac had the same problem and now it has been solved, that is, from the station something can be done. The RadioParadise plugin reads the data from an attached file provided by the station and from there gets the duration time of each song. I don’t know if it’s possible with Mother …
I think you should go to the station and ask for more details.

Thanks all for your input.

Here is some detail:
I have the metadata embedded into the stream. That means you get an End-of-stream flag, then another Begin-of-stream flag with the next track. Volumio stops at the EOS flag.

JB Radio-2 just lately stopped to embed metadata, therefore no EOS flag, just a continous stream.
RadioParadise for some reason does not embed metadata; it comes seperately.
The plugin-developer walked away from volumio.

Only thing i could do is to use a different broadcast software or just exclude metadata. But Icecast is the only free software capable of 96kHz FLAC streaming, and a stream without metadata…

I’d love to have y’all on board, but this is a client-sided issue, a plugin might have been a good way to do it; but as i asked for help i’m not capable of node.js programming.

kind regards,


Hi all,

we have now running the radio via RSAS, volumio plays fine, gapless with metadata.

No need for a plugin.

Anyone interested can simply add the station via volumio radio stations:


Thanks again for the input!



Hello music fans,

a new address to use in Volumio for Mother Earth streams in FLAC 96kHz/24bit in Feb. 2022:

Mother Earth Radio:
Mother Earth Klassik
Mother Earth Instrumental


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Hi, i have the plugin ready, see here:

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