ES9023 or PCM5102A for a RPi Zero low budget 'hifi' version?

Hi *,

I would like to build a students low budget ‘hifi player’ based on the
raspberry pi zero. There are a lot of different DACs with different
options available, but I couldn’t really find any distortion/noise measurements for
different DACs.

Now I wonder myself, if it would be better to buy a ES9023 based solution with a
MCLK and a Ultra-low-noise LDO with 11.5µVRMS like the SabreBerry Zero:

Or if would be better to get a PCM5102A based solution (without a LDO and without
a MCLK?) like the Phat DAC:

As some people here stated that a ES9023 DAC with a master clock seems to sound
worse (because of noisy mclk?) than a PCM5102A based DAC.

My listening equipment is a Objective2 headphone amp with Beyerdynamics DT880
Edition and Yamaha HS80M active speaker. Most of my music collection is usually at 16/44,1kHz.
The Raspberry Zero will also be equiped with a WIFI Adapter, OLED-Screen and a infrared sensor.

Maybe someone can give me an advice, as I am not really sure which of the stated DACs
(or maybe another DAC?) most likely will be the ‘better’ solution.
I am aware of the fact, that listening experience is very subjective, though.
Will there be a hearable difference between those DACs, using my equipment, at all?

Many thanks,

I have a phatdac and will be looking into this but have no information for now.

I also listen with the Objective Dac and O2 amp

If you follow my advise you can go for cheapest es9023 dac, with a 0.5 ppm clock that you install yourself
Very easy, with astonishing result

foto (4).JPG

Keep attention when remove the old clock and don’t do like me but the result is assured :wink:

Here the clock … Title=true