ERROR AND HORROR: pcm512x 1-004d: No SCLK, using BCLK: -2

Hello everyone. Forgive me my English but I have to ask for help.
I bought 6 x RPI Zero W and 6 x JustBoom Amp Zero pHAT for the Raspberry Pi Zero.
I am using volumio player, image file from, a new micro sd card.
After a few days I observe strange behaviour. After changing volume from Android phone or PC sometimes I have silence in my speakers.
Sometimes I don’t touch volume control but the problem still occurs. Just like that. In logs I have a lot of messages:: pcm512x 1-004d: No SCLK, using BCLK: -2

Today I read about volumio api and after command /api/v1/commands/?cmd=stop I have STOP and success but after next command /api/v1/commands/?cmd=play I have PLAY and success but I can’t hear the music. Only information in log file: pcm512x 1-004d: No SCLK, using BCLK: -2

It is terrible. So much money and bug in hardware ? Meybe in software. I am confused. What can I do ? It is a global problem, I tested It with RPI zero, RPI zero W and always the same problem :frowning:
Help me…I spent a lot of money and time, I lost enthusiasm for this project.


it looks like issue with I2S bus. Check connection between Raspberry Pi and JustBoom HAT especially Raspberry’s pins 12, 35 and 40. Are you using the right settings (volumio.local-> gear icon -> playback options -> Output device)? Maybe try official JustBoom support.