Equalizers plugins

Hi balbuze! the EQ plugin is built into beta volume 3? So I test both.

Sure you are welcome to test BUT PLEASE do not post to report any bug/issue in BETA thread if you install a plugin.
You can post here for EQ as they are in test too…
Enable ssh
2 choices (both can be installed on the same system, but enable only the one you want to test.
Graphical 10 bands

wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/alsa_modular/plugins/audio_interface/volsimpleequal10/volsimpleequal10.zip
mkdir vols
miniunzip volsimpleequal10.zip -d ./vols
cd vols
volumio plugin install
cd ..
rm -Rf vols*

New 14 bands Parametric EQ

wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/alsa_modular/plugins/audio_interface/Parameq4Volumio/Parameq4Volumio.zip
mkdir Parameq
miniunzip Parameq4Volumio.zip -d ./Parameq
cd Parameq
volumio plugin install
cd ..
rm -Rf Parameq*

Feedback welcome :wink:

X86 version only … when can we try the Rasp version?

Why are you saying that ? it is the same plugin, I use it on RPI…

Pardon my ignorance. We are talking about testing Volumio 3 with the EQ Plugin. I can’t find a Volumio 3 version for RaspPi, just an X86.

here :wink: : Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi


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Hi balbuze, this is off topic, do you know where is the latest version of Radio Paradise plugin? I want to test volumiobuster with RP and with EQ


Is there a volspotconnect2 discussion forum on Volumiobuster? It does not work…

Once again, beta version of Volumio are not provided with plugins to not introduce problem not directly related to volumio itself…

I don’t know where to post anymore, too many rules for me, sorry.
Thing is, I’m testing Volumio 3 and Equalizer Plugin. Everything works correctly.
Today when I started Volumio 3, there was no way to start the playback, nor did I see the network and the music stored there. I remembered that this had been a problem at some point and the way to solve it was to disable the Equalizer plugin. Effectively this immediately solved the problem.
Could it be that we are facing this problem? I keep testing and let you know.
I hope I was right in the place to post. :grin:

I guess you should post in not recommended plugin adventures on buster beta thread.

@Lintbf, @danielfelix yes, move to the other thread as soon it is buster. :wink:

Hello, great instructions. I copied and pasted the 14 band Parametric EQ in putty. I loaded beautifully. Now to learn how to use it. Is there a practice set up to try? Thanks Richard

Hi balbuze, are either of your equalisers now ready to go back into the store? I had a look at installing from your Github repository but it was too complicated for me and I failed at the SSH hurdle :frowning:

I am happy to wait until either of the Equalisers is ready for prime time :smile:

I do not work anymore on plugin for Volumio 2x version. You can still install it using ssh (have a look at Volumio doc).
If you use a Volumio beta buster version, there a 10 bands graphic EQ, and a 14 bands parametric EQ, with the possibility to directly use EQ from Autoeq, with more than 3400 headphones profile. It is based on Camilladsp.
There is a other plugin for digital room correction, Dsp4Volumio using Camilladsp too.
Use the alsa modular branch of my repo for buster version.


Just to let you know and not stay silent :smiley:
It would be great to have a working EQ for ver 2.X until the new release.
I am thinking about setting up a roon ONLY for the DSP feature…

@Christo i would say write one… :wink: or switch over to 3.xx

Hello. As I said, if you want such features for Volumio 2, you can still install plugins from my repo.
Volsimpleequal for a 10 bands graphics EQ.
Volparametrideq for a 4 bands parametric EQ
Brutefir3 for room correction using Fir
Or I suggest you to test Volumio 3 and from my repo branch alsa_modular the plugin fusiondsp volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/FusionDsp at alsa_modular · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub

Hello everybody

My VOLUMIO is 2.907 rev.
I would like to install this plug-in. I would like some simple explanations. i have difficulty with linux.
Help me please