Emergency mode...?

So I downloaded the latest image today, burned it with Apple PiBaker to a 16gb card, then dropped it into my new Pi4 2gb - It boots to the Volumio logo, then crashes out to “Welcome to emergency mode!”

I’m stuck - I can’t find anything in the FAQ or help about this - any ideas?

what do you have on your pi hats ect… and how many amps and voltage do you give it…

I have the same problem. Ctrl-D does not help. Booting in as root, then rebooting does not help.

What is the fix for this?

Hi Ivaszar
goto this link and read how to burn volumio.

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Hi dvo, I am able to burn the image, startup and configure Volumio, just had a reboot problem that resulted in this emergency mode. Used fsck to remove the “dirty” biy but ultimately could not rescue the card so needed to rewrite the OS, restart the config from scratch etc. Will build an UPS.

if your smart and you have a pc use win32diskimager to back up your new install when your ready.

I turned the Volumio raspberry pi off using the off inside the volumio app - so not abruptly disconnecting the power. The system will not reboot. That is unacceptable. Several SD cards etc. A normal raspberry will reboot within the GUI i]or from the CLI. Not sure what’s wrong with Volumio OS.

I recently had similar (?) issues.

Trying to boot my RPi 4B 4G with new image on 3 different microSD cards did not work. The green LED flashes a sequence 4 times, then blank for 5 seconds then 4x flashes.

The Pi will boot from a card which has been booted and taken through the setup previously. It will also boot a fresh Moode, or Raspberian image, just not one of the later Volumio images using Win32DiskImg or Raspberry Pi Imager program (on Win10).

I also have an RPi3b+ which boots the SD cards fine!
What I did was boot using the 3B+, went through the initial config etc then swap the SD card into the 4B and everything works!

The only common denominators are RPi 4B + freshly imaged SD card with one of the more recent Volumio Images downloaded from Volumio downloads site.

Everything else seems to work…very strange.