Dual I2S and USB dac

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: RPI4
DAC: Allo Digione & Hifime UAE23HD

I build a streamer with a Raspberry Pi 4B board and the Allo Digione as the main “DAC”. The SPDIF output drives my active loudspeakers with the Hypex Fusionamps. This works very well. I’d like to use a Hifime UAE23HD USB DAC as a 2nd DAC for my wired headphone. In the Volumio Setup, I cannot enable them both at the same time. Is there an alternative way to enable the USB DAC beside the I2S Digione? I don’t want to reconfigure and reboot every time I switch between the headphone and the loudspekers.

you can always put a switch to select the I2S lines, maybe even connect it via the Pi’s GPIO to select from the UI (with a little plugin)

the UAE23HD has internal i2s inputs, you can hard wire them.

simple solution would be to get a DAC with SPDIF input use that for the headphones, connect your amp and headphone dac to the Allo Digione SPDIF lines - you also put physical switch to switch spdif out