DLNA - track position lost

Hello, I would like to notify an issue I am experiencing with Volumio on a Tinkerboard.
This happens on my 2 volumio boxes (both on tinkerboard).

It seems Volumio does not always display the current playback position.
This is easily reproduceable with both the boxes. It is as easy as selecting some tracks from a media server (I use MinimServer), play them. If you close/hide the android app and you reopen it, the tracks appear to be playing from 0:00, while it has (of course) been playing for a while.

Hope this helps. I stay at your disposal for any further information.
Thank you for the great work!

Hello, a small update.
I could also reproduce the bug by starting an album (streaming from the Minimserver library, operated directly from the Volumio Android app, with no interaction with BubbleUpnp) and then opening the Volumio App on another Android device.
The second device was not in sync with the first, even after the first track change.
I can provide photos/videos if needed.

Best regards