DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box

On an x86 system you should find an option to display Volumio’s UI via HDMI video output on the system settings page: Look out for “Video Output Options” and enable “User Interface Via HDMI”.

HDMI option not available in system settings system version 3,324

With an x86 setup you do not have to set anything, UI via hdmi is enabled by default. Whether the Waveshare LCD & touch interface will work with x86 is another story. You may be the first one trying this.

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Thanks for correcting my statement @gkkpch. I mixed up with certain ARM devices…


Something has happened as a result of efforts, next will be the rotary encoder and box stages


Now it works perfectly!


iHere RotaryEncoder II has been successfully completed, now it’s time to box it up

My firend, NEVER get rid of that DAC HAT you have there. It is one of the very best I have heard and it is simply amazing, ESPECIALLY for the cost. I had 3 and am waiting to save for some extra ones. The noise floor on it is unreal! IT is the only one that comes side by side to my Ian Canada setup.
Anyhow, excellent choice. :slight_smile:

Good afternoon. Tell me at this link Which board option should I buy A or B.

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Hi @lausiv

I’ve essentially built the same as your streamer but using @iancanada parts.
Works and sounds amazing!
I’ve changed from Ropieee, which I do find much more stable than Volumio, but that comes with the added flexibility of Volumio.
I’ve got the screen working using your userconfig.txt file. Thank you very much!!, but would now like to use your CSS file to align the album art to the left. looks much cleaner than the original.

I’ve read through the @2aCD github etc, but I don’t need to be able to play with the layout, I just want to apply your file.

My question is, is there an easier way to apply your file without having to setup the websocket API etc…?

Thank you.