DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box


I would like to share with you my latest streamer project with volumio and some UI customization based on 2aCD project :

Case: chasis from old deck with a little adaptation;
Front panel: this is tailor made glass (cheap one simple glass) - then car wrap 100% black on the back of glass with rectangle space for screen (this is the moment where you need precision or use local car wrapping company :wink: ) and on the front of glass there is tinting film for car windows (to reduce contrast between screen and black frame).

Screen/display: 1920x480 ips 8.8inch from ali… 8.8 cal IPS 1920x480 60Hz 40 szpilki ekran LCD wyświetlacz z port micro USB płyta kontrolera do wyświetlania samochodów raspberry|Ekrany LCD i panele do tabletów| - AliExpress

Inside: RPI4 + volumio and custom UI

Costs (but please notice - this prices are from my country which is Poland and my own experience, each region could have diferent prices, except pi2aes - it cost now 2021.02.07: 150$ without shipping):

  • chasis (old and used one): 10-20eur
  • glass front with wrapping: 25-30eur
  • rpi4: 80-100eur
  • screws and slats for fixing the screen, connector, cables: 5-10eur
  • screen/display 70-80eur
  • volumio: free :slight_smile:
  • hard work (ok maybe not necessarily hard but own :wink: ), some programming in css, couple changes in setup, patience: only time and frustrations :smiley:

In summary minimum setup = 190-240eur

so extra/additional/optional version = 250-450eur


Total minimum version: 190-240eur
Total with optional components: 440-690eur


and here is my version of UI css based on 2aCD idea:
app-313de2febe_1 (2).zip (42.1 KB)

Please keep in mind, this is version tested and prepared only for this resolution 1920x480 and I did not test it on any different resolution.

But before use - please read this thread (there is step by step explained by 2aCD what to do):

here is userconfig file to make this particular screen (which I have use,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_) working with volumio: (326 Bytes)

Small update for volumio3 - there is whole plugin prepared and working with volumio3

It allow you configure (click by click) various looks also for 1920x480 screen - but you need volumio subscription. All you need is only use my userconfig file (which give you propper size and scale settings for this kind of display).

Good news is there is also peppymeter plugin (which works and looks awesome) plugin which is working with 1920x480 resolution (this one is available whithout volumio subscription)


Hi lausiv

wow - i‘m in need of other words
that‘s really looking excellent



@lausiv That looks really neat! Been looking at the similar HanStarr displays (HSD088IPW1) as well, did you manage to get it running using the DSI interface?

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it is connected via hdmi and for touch effect also usb


Fantastic :slight_smile:


When do you have some time could you please post some inside pictures, especially for the display. It looks very clean very future like a tesla :slight_smile:


if I will have hat - I am waiting for and linear power supply I promise I will try to show “streamer porn” :smiley:


Wow !!!

That’s a really fine looking piece of art.
It’s definitely time for me to go down to my workshop and finish my project.


Wow !! You inspired me to make something similar :ok_hand:t3:


Looks great!
Did you connect the screen directly to RPI or did you use the driver board in between?


there is an additional board which you can buy with the screen and then you can connect the screen via hdmi and power it with usb

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Thanks, awesome look, I’m going to try to do the same with Moode.

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good luck with the project :slight_smile:

That looks amazing; well done for all the effort to make it look like a professional piece of equipment; you could probably sell a few of those commercially


Thanks, I confirm that I already had many such offers - but I still refuse :slight_smile:

That looks absolutely stunning Lausiv. Well done mate :ok_hand: :+1:

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This is the best integration I’ve seen I think. How did you the touch screen to work when the screen is behind a sheet of glass?


Thanks you; I didn’t - I don’t use it as touch display (although it is touch screen) - If you need it touchable - it cannot be behind such thick glass. I don’t need it to be touch screen (for me touch screens in streamers are useless) - it is located about 3 meters from my listening position :wink:

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Thanks - no I don’t really need it either. I saw you had a touch screen and assumed and then questioned. So could I buy the non-touchscreen versions in the link you gave and it will still work the same with your customisations?

One, last question. I find that when I edit the CSS it gets overridden when I upgrade Volumio system. Have you found a way to get around that?