Display Multiroom info on all group members

It would be cool to show in currently playing information that this node/member of the group is playing and what is it playing.

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Yes, yes and yes!

That was my first idea, when I switched over to Premium and tried multiroom for the first time.

As I also use the Home Assistant integration of Volumio, I have two Volumio media players in there, but only one displays the correct info. The second one stays idle displaying the last song played before joining multiroom.

That could get better :wink:

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I would love that, too

Yes, absolutely right.

On our todo list


Thanks for the fast reply, this is the reactivity, I was talking about yesterday. It gives hope, and that’s enough for now. :wink:

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Check out my solution, it includes this and but is more robust, [Premium Multiroom] Master UI and Guest Accounts with Permmission Controls