Disable auto stream

I’ve installed volumio on a raspberry pi with a HifiBerry DAC+. Sounds great, works great. Regular playlist support would be nice. But overall it’s easy to use.

Except sometimes it starts playing a webstream, completely unannounced. I have no screen or keyboard on my pi, and if my amp is off, I don’t even notice.

I’ve kept my download completely original, except for the addition of my NAS-shares, and I have no idea how to proceed. I’ve reinstalled on another SD-card and the result is the same. After a while (usually inactivity, but not always) a webradio starts playing. This is NOT acceptable.

I’ve tried other distro’s, but they don’t feel as good as volumio. So either I solve this problem, or stop using volumio. I litteraly spent over 100 hours on this problem already, but didn’t find any clues.

Have you looked at the logs to see what is prompting this mysterious behaviour?