Custom Tags (Composer)

Hey everybody,

first, I have to thank you all for doing this wonderful thing called volumio!

I am following the development from the early beginning and love to see it’s getting better and better!!!

There is one thing, I really desperatly miss:

As a classical musician, you really need to sort/filter your music by composer. Is there any possibility to add that to the library?

Also, it would be realy nice to be able to browse by composer in Upnp server. Is there any possibilty to do it on my own?

Thank you a lot!


Interesting :smiley:,

I personally love to strip all the music form most data, and just have the collection. I can imagine that classical music is a genere apart in using filters.

I researched a lot and maybe it could be a solution to install minimserver to replace minidlna.

Could it be possible or will there be a problem?

Thanks a lot!


Looking at the processors supported by minim server i assume that it might not be possible with the Raspberry Pi. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the processors used in the other Volumio compatible hardware.

What hardware are you using ?


Thank you Kevin!

I am using a Raspberry Pi Model B and will either use a HifiBerry Dac (which I do not have yet) or my Audinst HUD-MX1.

As far as I researched, it should be possible to use Minim Server on a Pi but I was not sure if I might get into trouble with combination of volumio/minim server.

Really, the only thing I need, and apparently lots of other Hifi Guys who are into classical music, is the a library, or dlna/upnp library with support for tags like composer or even conductor, orchestra and so on.

I also do not want to risk a messed up distribution of volumio where minim server runs but sound suffers :confused:



I’ll give it a go next year. Always up for a challenge.

What are you using for source e.g. Usb, nas drive, pc, mac etc ?



thank you a lot! I also will try it.

I will use a USB HDD but maybe also a NAS.

Have a nice christmas and a happy new year!


Happy New Year to you too William,

I’ll be back in touch end of jan to see what we think is the best plan of attack


Agreed with this need !
I, too, find that would be very handy to have a search by composer (classical music represents 80% of my disco).

(I use a Rpi pi 3 with pifi dac and a local USB drive (macos formatted), and later, I’ll try to include a NAS (perhaps too old : a Syno DS207+).
I also want to try the Allo Boss Dac…)