Cue files

Hi to all! It seems i cant get split tracks while using cue files!? Had problem with samba nas mount, but find solution (ro,noatime,sec=ntlmv2), and now this? Is there solutions or workaround? Thnx in advance!

Ok. I have raspberry pi connected to my integrated amp, controling from laptop HP PC via Volumino local, with 16/44 flac files stored on popcorn hour C-200 HDD as SMB NAS. Some files are only album cue files, and I cant get them splited into tracks in Volumino GUI. On popcorn hour music player and Raspbmc music library while pressing cue file, it splits into full album tracks. On Runeaudio is the same issue as on Volumino. Does someone have same problem as I? Thnx again!

It’s a real problem!

maybe this thread will help you:

I use mupeace from google play in android

.cue files are designed to work with SCSI/ATA optical drives principally for CD /DVD/Blu Ray burning. Frankly I’m amazed that they work on any device as an on the fly playlist alternatives. I’d say the best solution would be to use the cue sheet as it was intended by mounting the file as a disc image on a PC, and extracting the individual tracks using the cue file metadata via a disc extracting /burning utility.