Constant restart of player - 2.344


At first hello to everybody, I’m french and freshly new in the world of volumio; sorry if my english is not so good.
I’m have updated Voumio since some days and then using the lastest version of Volumio 2.344
Volumio is used with Hifiberry Dac Plus

Since the updating the player have the following problem:

  • only one track, the first track of the queue indeed, is streamed and volumio don"t play the next

  • Volumio don’t reboot but just restart the player to “zero”; he returned to 0:00 of the first track.

  • Moreover but this is completely another problem my version don’t recognize the folders on my pc; My Raspberry is connected to my livebox, and my pc with WIFI.

Thank you guys/girls,

VIncent Leclercq

I have a similar fault in 2.344 and now also in 2.348.

I posted in help

Select an album to play from NAS (SMB) by searching and using “Clear and Play” - album starts to play the first track, but as soon as play starts the web UI dispalys the spinning wait symbol and any interaction is impossible. Only the first song is played, after it has finished the web UI is usable. Any single song from the queue can be played with the same symptoms of apparent hanging of UI (or iPhone app) during playing.
But select an album to play from Spotify by the same method and the entire album is played, with the UI being opperational while the song is playing.

My system is an RPI 1B, Wolfson Audio Card.

I have uploaded my logs here:

Thanks, Simon

I have been noticing this as well, when I play music from attached HDD, but seems fine when playing from YouTube!

Devs do you have any clues as to what may be happening?

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I got same issue but there is a lot of error in my log,I think that may cost by file name is too long,but the founder say that should have been solved few version ago.
Still waiting for his reply. :frowning:
My post:

I was wondering if those that have been having trouble playing local media if you’ve also experienced troubles with airplay? Just trying to figure out if the issues are related or not! Probably will try a fresh install soon but curious to know if other people have had similar issues.

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Reinstalled Volumio from scratch using the latest img and can report that any and all annoying issues with UI relaunching after adding local media to queue and Airplaying are gone.

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Thanks for suggestion, instead of reinstalling from scratch, I backed up one of my systems and then went to System - Delete User Data, this deletes all user data plugins, libraries and re-runs the first run wizard, so with my system I have to reinstall the Wolfson DAC support libaries / settings, but it also solves the issues :smiley: .

:nerd: I will now compare my 2 systems to see if I can spot at obviously setting change which causes the issue and find a simpler solution.

In the end it looks like my problem was caused by the Last FM plugin, or at least disabling the plugin allows my systems to work.