[collected] TuneIn support

Working well for me so far.
Is it possible to choose stream if multiple streams exist for a station?

TuneIn plugin not working? how can i install it In my version of Volumio 2.565 it doesn’t appear between the plugins and in http://volumio.github.io/volumio-plugins/plugins/volumio/armhf/music_service/tunein_radio/tunein_radio.zip it gives me 404 error.
Any alternative link?

TuneIn plugin has been removed because it is included in Volumio. You don’t need to install something else.

Ok, excuse my mistake.

no problem :wink:


I’m running a Volumio 2.882 version, it is all working well with plugins for touchscreen, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, etc. all working.
But I cannot see the plugin for TuneIn (and it’s a pain trying to catch the .pls file from a given station), is there some news that I’m missing?