Closing Volumio Phone App

The previous version of the Volumio Android phone app had an ‘X’ in the bottom left hand corner which I used to close the app after I had shutdown the Pi. The current version doesn’t have the ‘X’. How do I close the app please ?

Just by selecting the right button on Android (the one that shows all the apps) and then swipe right (or left) depending on your version.

How do you like the new app?


Thanks. It’s the left button on my Galaxy 5. It’s the first time I have ever used it and I have had the phone for a couple of years ! I am not convinced that replacing one button press by two is progress though :slight_smile:

Apologies for delayed response - I wanted to see how the updated app bedded in. I am still getting occasional freezes that need the app to be restarted - but that may be down to the Pi’s wifi.

Changing albums is a bit tedious - two quaver (US eighth note) icon/music library/USB/USB stick name and then scanning through the list. My Logitech Touch allows a one step back from the album I was listening to to the list of albums on the stick. Am I missing something ?