Can't search music library

Is there something quirky about the music library search? Sometimes it works for me, but usually not. I type in my search and nothing happens. But then, once in a while it does. I haven’t been able to figure out anything I’m doing differently. For now, the library is directly into the Pi on a USB drive.

As I type this, I’m wondering if the search has worked a few times after I reimage Volumio, but stops after a few searches or the passage of time. Maybe? It’s not in front of me so I can’t fiddle right now.

Dragonfly 1.2


I have same problem, after few searches it stops getting results - no library, just using spotify. Internal logs are same as when it returns successful results, only restart helps. I’ll try to debug javascript when this happen again

Thank you very much, this will be much appreciated. Do you use other plugins as well?

I’ve also had this issue of search and Spotify browse stop working after a while. Now I’ve downloaded an IOS app for volumio and I notice that clearing the cache in the debug settings of the app appears to fix the issue and avoids me having to reboot my Pi to get it to work again…