Cant get DSD to play from Odroid board via i2s

Hi there!

I am struggling to get DSD files to play on my setup. I use i2s with a Buffalo II DAC with a Allo Kali reclocker i front. With RPi3 playing DSD in DoP mode works, but there are lots of nasty pops and clicks with this hookup. So I am now trying Odroid boards (both c1+ and c2) and with them DSD wont play at all. In direct mode I get a signal on one channel that is music and noise in equal parts. With DoP enabled I get silence, even though volumio plays the file and the Kali reclocker indicates it gets a signal of 176,4 khz. Using the resampling option I get the DSD files to play, but its a hassle to switch that on and off, as I want to get bit-perfect playback otherwise.

I read around and figured out that the driver for Hifi Shield actually does not claim to support DSD. But I also read reports that indicates that people get DSD64 at least working with Odroid and Volumio. (

So, is there any hope for a pop-free DSD hookup with this board? Perhaps with an older version of Volumio? Is there anything I can try that I am missing?