Can't control volume on Justboom digi


I am using justboom digi dac at volumio 2.246 running on raspberry zero W board
but i cannot control volume level neither via webui nor mpd client
what should i do?

Not familiar with the Justboom digi, what settings do you have for ‘Volume options’ in the ‘Playback Options?’

Hi Sheeny,

What exactly is your audio board ? I can see a digi or a dac board …


This board does not have hardware volume, so you cannot control the volume with it unless you set software mixer in playback settings -> volume settings


I use this board : … zero-phat/
and it says “Fully integrated hardware volume mixing via “alsamixer” or any ALSA compatible application” on its specs.

on my playback settings at mixer type “undefinited” sellected.
when i sellect hardware or software no sound comes from my speakers
only when sellect “none” i can hear sound. but can not control level volume.
is there any solution for this problem?