Cannot play tracks if folder contains a folder

Over the network, Volumio doesn’t play tracks that are in a folder containing another folder (with scans of the booklet). Server is PC with Windows 10.
This problem does not occur if played directly from USB. Or with other streaming software I have used.

Of course, I could write a script to change the folder structure of my entire (large) music library. But I’d not consider that an elegant solution. Especially because my way of organizing ripped CDs is not unusual.

What I really, really like about Volumio, is its sound quality. Hope the software will get even better.

I wondered about this when I saw this post, so I dumped an empty folder into one of the music sub-directories,. rescanned the NAS and then tried to play a track from the modified folder. It played, which didn’t surprise me. I started off with T:\Music\Eurythmics\Greatest Hits, added T:\Music\Eurythmics\Greatest Hits\Dummy, and still it works. Then I put some files in that Dummy sub-directory and Volumio still plays.

Can you check what happens if you remove the folder temporarily? Does Volumio then regain the ability to play from that subdirectory?

Thanks for taking the trouble of checking this!
Now at least I know that it should work.

Indeed, if I remove the subdirectory, playback becomes immediately possible.

A friend of mine, playing Volumio from a NAS encounters the exact same problem. Directly connected to USB no problem, over the network this curious problem occurs.

I use latest version of Volumio.

There’s a possible cause in windows-shared-drive-not-working-here-why-t7395.html, although it doesn’t fit your situation too well. It does show that the environment supporting Volumio can have consequences…