Cannot install plugins via UI or SSH (Installing depend.)

I searched the forums but my problem still persists, even after a fresh install.
Internet access and DNS are ok, I can ping

Every time I try to install volspotconnect 2, I get this error:

Can I suggest that you change the post title to actually reflect your problem eg. “Volspotconnect2 plugin installation fails to complete”? You are much more likely to get an answer. Also, there is actually a dedicated thread for Spotify Connect.

It might be because the raspberry pi repository those days are not working really well.
If you update to latest volumio version we use Volumio’s repos, that just works

sorry I should have specified that I use the latest version of Volumio. Also, that error applies to all plugins, not just volspotconnect2.

I think this issue has started with the latest version as I did not observe that behavior before.

I tried using a different network (hotspot via my cellphone) and same issue, so it doesn’t seem to be network related. I looked in the firewall logs and nothing is blocked. Same for DNS requests.


You could try sending a log to see if there is more information contained in there.

Eh, I found :

Does that mean that volumio user has to keep the default password?

Edit: so yes, it need default password to install. A bit insecure to my liking but it works. Thanks!

Glad you sorted it. Yes the use of the default password is not desirable, but necessary at the moment. It’s another thing on the ‘todo’ list I believe.