CamillaDSP not working

When I want to apply setting inside the CamillaDSP UI I always get:

‘“devices”, “capture”], "Additional properties are not allowed (‘retry_on_error’, ‘avoid_blocking_read’ were unexpected’

It also says ‘config has errors’.
I’m only using 3 Filters for both channels.
What causes these issues and how to fix them?

I also tested moOde audio and CamillaDSP works fine there but Airplay always crashes and the web interface crashes all the time so I switched back to volumio

Your message is not clear… Do you use FusionDsp?
If yes, why do not simply use its UI?
And please move to the related thread : FusionDsp for Volumio3 stable (old beta thread) - #671 by c.schenk

I use CamillaDSP through FusionDSP (there is an option for that in the drag down menu).
CamillaDSP is just way more powerful and easier to use. I can easily apply filters to each channel and do phase correction with FIR filter convolution and so on.
Only problem is that it doesn’t work and I get said error.

I also tried the normal FusionDSP setting with a simpler setup but when switching between local music and Airplay playback it will eventually stop working. This happens on Volumio and MoOde as well.
Whenever I don’t have any DSP applied, switching between Airplay and local music works flawlessly.

can you please provide log after a reboot, with FusionDsp enabled and switching between sources to reproduce thee issue?

where can I find the logs?

Recreated it. With DSP activated, Airplay won’t work and when switching back to local files the system gets stuck

I see nothing in log…
I tested on my system. First time with airplay (I don’t own an Iphone) and it just work as expected even if I think it doesn’t sound very good… (but this a short test).
what happens if you reboot with DSP, play local, stop an use airplay?

You can increase CamillaDsp verbosity by changing in

nano /data/plugins/audio_interface/fusiondsp/asound/volumioDsp.postDsp.10.conf

warn by debug

hw_params_command "/data/plugins/audio_interface/fusiondsp/camilladsp -p 9876 -l debug (....)

And disable / enable the plugin
Info Camilla socket Port is 9876 (see you on ASR :wink:)

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Thanks, I’m gonna try that