I have the impression you are little bit too arrogant, it could be made like that btw it a better way.
a image will keep it a one app only system but life goes futher then the one app.
some times it’s better to look beyond the one app system pi is revolving so you should to…
evolution you will not stop at your comments…or you way of thinking…
ps its web ui and optimized for bit perfect audio playback …
you may think it’s that but it’s more broken than you think…
and adapt things that not work out of the box… it needs a lot of work to get it running…
in the end windows will win… this is a lot of work and it’s still not running as you like…
Easy to use… if it’s works…other wise a hell to run…
btw skip that perfect it’s broken as hell

you can find in the previous link the source code of the complete project.

As I said, please feel free to adapt it as you wish, if you think you can make it better.

i will get back on windows there all will work… here you have to work to get some sound…
btw my stx II card has better sound…and 2 minutes install …and it works…

you got all your answers above…

Then SOXR, BruteFIR, and CamillaDSP are three reasons someone might want to run with 8GB of RAM.

(N.B., I’m not — currently — using any of those three. But I wouldn’t call anyone arrogant or stupid for wanting to do so.)

EqualizerAPO (windows based ) did the job after latest update (2004) it went down…
have alter it with a Install as SFX/EFX by some it’s working prof…
camilladsp i found only for fedora
xonar switch does a lot to…

lol that’s the same maker …https://github.com/HEnquist/ and he fix it already

Brutefir or CamillaDsp run properly on a Rpi3. No need for 4 or 8 GB. I use my plugin DSP and a special version using CamillaDsp.

i have that one already balbuze rpi 3 is adviced about memory he didn’t say any thing… but some is always handy for the future…

As @balbuze mentioned, 8Gb of RAM are not necessary to run those plugins. There is no benefit of spending time and resources for creating a 64bit version of Volumio. Such a version could run only on latest Broadcom processors, a 32bit version is required anyhow for supporting old models. From development point of view, supporting both is a suicide.

CamillaDSP, the actual speed advantage has not been evaluated, they didn’t test the diffrence between 32bit or 64 bit running 32bit…,By default the internal processing is done using 64-bit floats.
… you could get oway for the the pi 4 4/8 gig with copying the .elf and .dat files from the 64bit RasPi distribution and make a image of it… it seems to work… then both are still 32bit on a 64bit system…
because the 8 only supports the latest… or you do a check if it’s 32 bit system you get the 32bit data / elf’s
and for the 64bit the 64bit elfs and data…or is this so hard to do?

No one needs more than 640K of RAM.

Whether or not 1 or 2GB are sufficient for SOXR/CamillaDSP depends strongly on what one is doing with them. Since I’m (at least currently) not relying on my Raspberry Pi(s) for DSP, I don’t really care one way or the other. But I can see how others would.

Considering that moving Volumio from Jessie to Buster is (apparently) a stroke-inducing exertion, I tend to agree that getting a 64bit kernel working as well would be a lethal effort.

That’s not to say that other music-oriented distros (e.g. moOde) aren’t perfectly capable of supporting both 32 and 64bit kernels under Buster.

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we don’t want you to die on the job …we are already happy with a 32 bit version and your commitment to make it

That’s the point. As an example, official operating system for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian, now RaspiOs) has been 32bit-only for very long time, even if Raspberry Pi 3 was capable of running 64bit.

At the moment the 64bit version is still in beta phase, and the amount of developers working on Raspbian/RaspiOs is an order of magnitude higher then the Volumio developers.

With limited resources is extremely important to make wise choices, setting the right priorities. Volumio team did an amazing job during those years, for sure is far from being perfect, but it’s good enough for most of the users.

IMO, the Volumio Debian base (and build system) has grown a lot since it’s inception and currently is carrying quite some legacy baggage around. It’s my hope that with the shift to buster and a modular build system we can avoid further upgrade pains. I’ve managed to get things up and running for all the open source parts of Volumio over at ashthespy/VolumioOS which I’ve been using for the Buster builds. The closed source parts are… well more challenging… :wink:

w.t.r to 32 vs 64bit I’ve been running few non pi boards on armv8 64bit and did manage to get most things working fine. For example, the Spotify plugin will need some 32bit coaxing to work, and other small things that I didn’t encounter/overlooked.

All that being said, I didn’t do any profiling to check if it actually made a big difference. I vaguely recall reading some things about degraded nodejs performance on certain arm platforms with 64bit compared to 32bit.

And now, because the Jessie-based Volumio distro is so woefully out-of-date, the CA Certificates bundle (ca-certificates/oldstable,now 20141019+deb8u4 all [installed]) is increasingly non-functional:

$ wget https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/pages/jf-at-dockes.org.pub
--2020-12-07 22:33:52--  https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/pages/jf-at-dockes.org.pub
Resolving www.lesbonscomptes.com (www.lesbonscomptes.com)...
Connecting to www.lesbonscomptes.com (www.lesbonscomptes.com)||:443... connected.
GnuTLS: Error in the pull function.
Unable to establish SSL connection.

Yes, I know how to update the bundle manually. But that defeats the purpose of having a package manager (as thoroughly broken as the package manager is under Volumio).

For me no serious company (and I believe that volumio is that) can accept products running on os’es with no support and known security issues. Who has the responsibility if the players get attacked due to flaws on the os that have been known for years. The price we pay for the software and the number of users should be enough to have updates that address security as well.
@volumio team, you can do better!

Yes we can, and please send me a message or email and i will explain in detail how that would work.

I really would like to hear the reason, I am an IT professional my self and know what it entails.