Beginner with rpi4 and Volumio 3 - user experience feedback


I am new to Volumio and I want to share my experience with Version 3.

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 GB memory and sd-card.

Following things are weird or broken in my opinion:

  • SSD boot is not working at all. I don’t understand why volumio doesn’t support this, SSD are dirt cheap today and live way longer than any sd-card ever will.

  • Spotify Plugin is completly broken. I can login to it but my Volumio doesn’t shows it at all in sources. As well the plugin says it is meant to run on Volumio 2.

  • Soundcloud Plugin UI is broken. After something has been entered into searchbar the UI nukes itself. No matter if I use iOS/Android/Webinterface

  • I tested both for iOS and Android nativ apps and both are kinda broken. Very noticeable is the lack of sync. Its like you open the app again and the whole UI needs to reload itself before anything recent is shown. That is expensive on battery life and unnecessary.

  • I cannot login with MyVolumio at all. I get some network error which makes no sense. Even if I want to use Premium features I can’t because I can’t login. I also noticed that this login information is not synced at all. My iOS shows that I am “logged in” but my Webinterface and Android app doesn’t.

The most important fact of that topic. This is not a rant. This is a user experience report of the latest VOS 3 release.

Therefore I will go down to VOS 2 because it is way more stable and useable for now.

I am open for solutions but my researched showed me that for many problems there are non right now existing.


This has been fixed in v0.1.5. You just need to install it from beta channel of Volumio plugin store:

  1. Uninstall current version
  2. Enable Plugins Test Mode in http://<volumio address>/dev
  3. Restart Volumio
  4. In plugin store, find SoundCloud plugin, click “Details” button under it and choose latest beta version to install.
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At least I can confirm that 0.1.3 works flawless under Volumio 2. Thanks for the hint

Are you running something in your network that blocks internet, like pihole?

I override DNS in volumio to use and (quad9) but I also disabled all my rules in pihole as well. No improvement in sight.

pleas try this first with google DNS and 2nd
If possible bypass the pihole completely

I updated to the most recent version since soundcloud seem to be fixed but how worse can it get?

This is already a no go in my opinion:

That is a bad joke at all:

Please explain me what exactly is the goal behind version 3? Version 2 has no paywalls like version 3 and works in the first place flawless. I really give up on this very soon if nobody come up with a solution to make this mess working.

For real I just updated to the latest version and now I have a bricked system playing nothing at all.

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The solution is not to use pihole or any strange DNS. The error message states clearly that Firebase (our auth provider) cannot establish a connection.

Pihole is known to create problems when used with Volumio (probably because Pihole assumes that Google is too evil and blocks everything to it, including auth requests to google cloud APIs).

You can subscribe a free account, as you did to post here…

No, because of your setup problems.

Otherwise this forum will be flooded by people on your same situation and/or nobody will use Volumio.

Restore your device to factory, just use a router and everything will just work…

You know I will stop using volumio for now.

I don’t cripple my perfectly fine working network which bans ads and trackers just because somebody uses a total failure system which get bricked by that very fact.

Thanks for the support and good to luck to every one which takes his privacy serious.

Sounds like you need to install volumio on a fresh sd card and not try running it on an sd with other pi OS etc. Volumio 3 works as well as 2, but I’m not using the Rpi for anything else as it’s my dedicated music streamer. They are relatively cheap that you can have a few for different purposes or at least different SD cards I gather.