Autoplay a Spotify playlist on startup

Hey everyone! I just got Volumio all setup, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to get it to start playing a Spotify playlist on startup (or even when it is sitting idle). The idea behind my setup is this:

I’m putting this Pi in my gym area connected to my speaker system, and I want anyone to be able to add/remove/play/pause songs. I plan on making it’s own Spotify account so that it has 24h access to be playing without interruption. Anyway, I want it to always be playing something (for example, one of the workout playlists on Spotify) unless I’ve selected songs from my phone or laptop.

Any idea how I can go about accomplishing this?


Yes! I want to put this into a restaurant and want to use Spotify so I can remotely update the playlist. It needs to automatically start the playlist on startup and loop.

Have you looked at the Autostart plugin?