Auto playing local playlist after Internet connection lost

I have 40 pcs rpi3 b+ with volumio @ 40 different location, all devices used for 24h/24h web radio shoutcast stream.

I find this post:

But as far as I see the current version of volumio does not support for the MPC !
So I need help with an alternative solution .js script or plugin that will automatically start local playlist after the Internet connection is broken, and return it to the web radio after the internet connection is re-established-.

Thanks in advance

How about using the REST API or command line client (see I think the link you gave was for Volumio 1 rather than 2, so locations of playlists etc. will not be the same.

barr1.jpgThank you very much for the answer but I need an example of api or cl client. This should look like a plagin or some script…