Artist images frustration

Good morning

Volumio does a fantastic job of filling the gaps in my untidy music library but I’m frustrated on a couple of folders.
My music is stored as folders, one for each artist and inside one for each album, all with album art.

I shall present one example of my problem, the group ‘Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’
All the separate albums show the correct album art but on the ‘artists’ list the group has no image.

I have tried ‘&’ ‘And’ and many different permutations but still I cannot get Volumio to populate the artist image.

Can anyone suggest why or how I can fix this? It’s a minor irritation I know but it bothers my OCD!

Many thanks in advance.


Easy mate. Just enable the option “web album art” in “my music” menu.
In that case it will search on the Net for the missing album cover and cherry on the cake, it will populate all artists with pictures from the Net.
I don’t know where it come from. I guess that somebody from the Volumio team can tell us where they pick-up the artists pictures on the Net.
Your library is well organized, this is the way to do. It would be nice to put an artist picture (like we do for the album) but at the artist folder level and that Volumio displays this one but I never heard about such option.

This post from the Blog might be of interest to you, if you haven’t already read it :wink:

Hank you for the replies, I already have that option enabled as the first poster suggested, and I have indeed read that blog post, haven’t tried the software yet but it seems to concentrate on particular album art etc which is already correct.

I will try it though, I may be wrong but I believe it is indeed Volumio software that provides the artist image.


Yes, Volumio get the artist image from the Net but I don’t know from which site…
As I wrote, it could be nice to be able to add our own artist images as we can do for the album. I don’t know if this is in the “whish list” on the forum. I’ll have a look, if not, I’ll add it :wink:


+1 on adding the option to link your own artist/album artist art

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I would like that option too.
I have an artist image for Mozart that Volumio pulled of the web that has several guys in neck ties walking down a side walk with cars in the street. I don’t think this an accurate picture of Mozart and I would like to change it.
It would nice if you could just drop in a jpg in the proper directory called artist.jpg for the artist image.

+1 on adding the option to link local picture for artist