Android app issues

I didn’t see this in the documented issues, but I’m having random issues with the app on android - sometimes the display gets stuck on a certain song, and when I play another song and then another it keeps showing the song from several songs ago (even though several other songs have played since).

Then sometimes I click on a certain song to play it and it plays the one below or above.

Same on several different devices so I know it’s not my device.

I saw someone made another app but I don’t know if it’s better - has anyone tried making an alternative wrapper or another app that works better?

Hi @Ken_Sky, I can definitely recommend the alternative app from @Joni_Salminen [Android app][Open Beta] Volumio Control native android application

Very fast and reliable. Not all music services are running yet, but spotify is there.


Yep, great app created by Joni. Fully reprogrammed to our ridiculous requests.

Dope. Will try

Not dope. Can’t read anything, and the ‘show all’ button doesn’t do anything.

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Interesting, which device you have?

It looks like landscape UI, but in portrait mode.

Pixel 6, android 12, stock rom, no mods. This part also looks weird.

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There should only be three items per row for portrait, for you it seems to want to show 6 per row, which it will do if the device screen is big enought with high enought resolution.(but yeah, obviously that is a bug, since that should only happen on tablet devices, need to tweak it a bit)

“Show all” button seems to have some issue, i haven’t noticed that.

I’ll try to take some time today, and fix it.

No rush, great to see someone working on it. Thanks man!

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Okay, so i identified the search screen issue and fixed it, I’m still unable to reproduce the wrong item count per row issue, but I’m looking at it currently.

Your device is pixel 6? And not 6a or pro? (These all have different screen size, density and resolution)

I do know where the issue lies in the code, but currently zero ideas how to fix it for good without affecting anything else.

Yep - not a ‘pro’
Here’s the screen size settings

Hhm, seems to be the smallest width setting that causes it. (Anything over 476 seems to make it behave like in your screenshot, at least on my OnePlus 8 pro)

What’s the default value for your phone?(and is this setting available under ‘developer options’ with pixel device as well?)

As you have large font, you could make the smallest width more like ~380 and then set normal font size which should be about same size text in the screen.(with your current setting, it kind of forces the app to think you have an tablet device)

I guess this is the default value - I just switched font size to large and screen size to ‘default’. I did not touch the ‘smallest width’ value in the dev options - it changes automatically based on the screen size you set in display settings. So now it’s this (attached) but I can’t test it because won’t be home until later.

Thanks I’ll let you know how it looks when I can connect to the board.

I see, my phone does not have such option in display settings, perhaps it’s new to android 12, or something google added on their own firmware.

Either way, when the value gets high enough, it makes all the apps load the tablet variant of layout if it exists, in the end this is something that google should have a look at.

it available since Android 10. You need to do a lot of scrolling with dev. enabled.
System => Advanced => Developer options => Drawing =>Smallest width

Might be different on oxygenOS he has

Yep that fixed the screen width and display issues, but the ‘show all’ thing still not working.

When I press it I see a light purple veil around it, but nothing happens…

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The update is not online yet, will push it later today as i wanted to know if the smallest width parameter could fix the issue for you.

And i think i have some other bug to fix as well, before pushing it online.

:+1:t4: Thx