Always boots into recue mode

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Pi 3B+
DAC: Onboard Headphone Jack

Been fighting this for 5 weeks.
Raspberry Pi with Official Touch Screen
Pi has dedicated 3A PSU
Touch screen has dedicate 2.5A PSU
No under-voltage warnings
Using the touch screen plug-in

Every time it boots (from the very first boot after the initial, it stops during boot, announces "“Welcome to recue mode!” and waits for Ctrl-D input to continue to boot and launch.

Using it as a sound effects machine for radio show remotes. Dragging around 2x PSUs is bad enough but having to drag a keyboard just to get past the boot is problematic - the console already has enough junk on it.

I’ve made fresh images twice - this is the third attempt (and last, if I can’t make it boot uninterrupted).

Really appreciate the help

Thank you all!

did you already take a fresh image or try 3.xx ?

Sure did. 3.xx? This 2.882 is the most recent that I’m aware of - got it from Download |Get Started | Volumio which shows that 2.882 is the current release for RPi.

Also, just for hoots, I just pulled the card, popped it into another Pi. Ran fsck and found boot has a dirty bit set. Uses fsck to clear the dirty bit. Returned it to the Pi with the touch screen. No change - it’s sitting there, staring at me telling me to type Control-D to continue. Sigh.

try a new downloaded 2.882 (so not the one you have ) or
try 3.xx version instead :stuck_out_tongue: are you burning it with balena etcher or Pi imager?

// Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi

// volumio-plugins/plugins/miscellanea/touch_display at master · volumio/volumio-plugins · GitHub

Howdy, dvo. I used Pi imager. Are you suggesting that I should switch to Etcher? I have it but I was mighty please to switch from it to RPi Imager. I am using a Windows system next to the Pi. I am also using 14 other Pi systems next to the Pi.

I’ll take a whack at the Beta and use Etcher if that’s what you think is the solution.

Thank you.

i use etcher most of the time… but i’m on pi4… less corruption in that system but it’s bed time her 02.34
nighty night…

Good night. Thanks for the suggestions. Burned 3.0xx with Etcher and doing inititial boot. Best!

Good news, bad news: It boot and runs. But it’s useless for our purposes. We are looking for a self-contained audio box for feeding commercials, stingers, etc. into live and recorded radio programming. The touch screen interface makes that possible. Sadly, I can’t take another computer just to access the Pi with a web interface. If I were going to do that, I could just build/find something that runs on the standard computer.

I truly appreciate your assistance and look forward to working with you further.


Greetings, dvo. All solved. Use Etcher on the 2.882 version. Everything working like a Swiss, um, cheese - grin!
Thank y0ou for pointing me in good directions. Looks like the customization options in RPi Imager might leave an artifact or two in the boot loader that Etcher doesn’t. It’s also possible that Imager is fine if the customization options aren’t used. Not doing another burn to find out - working is working.

run a backup with win32diskimager and your all set …

best regards,