Alternatives to Volunio

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I have a number of raspberry pi’s running Volumio in my house. Unfortunately, because me and my partner both use android mobile devices, the only thing we are able to use without hassle, or pretty much at all to be honest, is Spotify connect. The Volumio app is so poor on Android (in our experience) that it’s just not worth bothering trying to use any of the other Volumio features. If I access Volumio with my windows laptop all the features work perfectly. But it’s just not convenient to use a laptop every time I want to switch a radio station, for example. The Android app is ridiculously slow and more often than not just unresponsive.

So, what other options are there other than Volumio? I’m only really interested in Spotify connect and web radio. I had wanted to use volumio to stream from the analogue input on my DAC +ADC device to other raspberry pi’s around the house but unless they make the Android app work properly, there’s no way I’m going to pay for a superstar subscription. I don’t know if they ever actually managed to get the analogue audio sharing functions working anyway. I’ve well given up now.

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There is an unofficial native Android app in development that you can try, even if it is still in beta its starting to be a quite nice alternative.

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Is using a browser to access Volumio’s web UI not an option? I am also using Android devices and never missed a dedicated app to operate Volumio, but YMMV :slight_smile:

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Android app is currently being taken care of. We know that on Android it is slow, but figuring out why has been a difficult task so far (same app works great on ios). Now we have a react native expert taking a look.
In the meantime as others pointed out, why not using the browser?

You could try Sound@home by digx on Android.
It’s fast and does what you would expect it to do.


Or Volumio Control (early acces) even better

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Hi, it’s not practical to use the browser. I don’t want to have to go and get my laptop every time I want to change radio stations etc. Spotify connect works fine via the spotify Android app and Spotify connect pluggin in Volumio but the Volumio app itself is useless.

If I use my phone browser it’s just the same as the Android app.

I don’t see any sense in an app either.
It’s great in the browser, I don’t need to install any software and it works with all devices.


When you lot say ‘The browser’, do you just mean any browser? Like the browser on my Android phone? If thats the case, its the same for me as the app. Works great on my Windows PC’s browser but no my phone. Or my partners phone. Which is also Android.

install a other browser

Yes. I’m using Fennec on Android phones.

Could you elaborate on that statement? I guess no one here has a clue what you mean by saying it is not working great. If the difficulties should be with Volumio’s UI you may try switching to the classical UI theme.

You can add a shortcut to your home screen and it’s basically a volumio app.

1.- Go to volumio’s webpage on Chrome on your android phone. You’ll need the IP address.
2.- Click on the three dots (upper rirhgt)
3.- Add to homescreen

Now you’ll get an icon on your home screen. It’ll work just like any other app.

the address as stated in the instructions (http://“volumio-name”.local) unfortunately does not work on Android phones. It is only possible with the Volumio IP address.

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I dont know if this will solve your issue, but it was a godsend for me.

This allows my wife and I do each connect to the volumio server and play what we want and have the output come THROUGH my android device and her Kindle Fire simultaneously…

Go to the PLAY store and look for “Samba Player” its free and its great.

Theres no fancy UI, essentially a directory listing of your server BUT as it directs the output through your handheld its precisely what I was looking for!

For some reason Samba shares have always been my weak point, but this is great!


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